あ-い  う-お              や・ら・わ


[V]: Angband / JAngband
[O]: OAngband
[Z]: ZAngband 2.2.8-2.4.0
[変]: 変愚蛮怒
[X]: XAngband, 簡単愚蛮怒
ToME: the Troubles of Middle Earth, PernAngband

Hob.: The Hobbit, There and Back Again ホビットの冒険
LotR: The Lord of the Rings 指輪物語
FotR: The Lord of the Rings/ Fellowship of the Ring 指輪物語/旅の仲間
TTT: The Lord of the Rings/ the Two Towers 指輪物語/二つの塔
RotK: The Lord of the Rings/ the Return of the King 指輪物語/王の帰還
Sil.: The Silmarillion シルマリルの物語 UT: Unfinished Tales 終わらざりし物語
HoME: the History of Middle-earth 1-12
束: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

AD&D 1st/2nd: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st/2nd edition
BRP: Basic Role Playing system
CD&D: Classic Dungeons & Dragons
CoC: Call of Cthulhu, TRPG クトゥルフの呼び声, クトゥルフ神話RPG
D&D: Dungeons & Dragons
D&D 3ed/3.Xe: Dungeons & Dragons 3.0-3.5 edition
ICE: Iron Crown Enterprises
OD&D: Original Dungeons & Dragons T&T: Tunnels & Trolls
MERP: Middle Earth Role Playing